Seenit Impact

Community Generated Content for Purpose Driven Teams.

Your Mission. Their Voices. Our Experience.

We’re creating a new way to think about social good storytelling, one that’s authentic, inclusive, and helps to preserve the agency of the people whose stories are being told.

Our award-winning creative team works with you to bring your collaborative-storytelling plan to life, from concept through distribution.

Our virtual studio technology lets us weave that story together from the collective voice of your volunteers, stakeholders, and supporters.

*Seenit Impact is a new initiative created in partnership between Seenit and 5:00 Films & Media.

What is Community Generated Content?

The simple answer? It’s asking your audience to join your camera crew via their mobile phones. It’s also authentic, inclusive, and scalable. Anyone with a camera and a connection to the internet can add their voice to your story.

It’s the power of your community: your volunteers, stakeholders, and supporters. It is how you democratize content creation.


Use the online studio to create a project brief and filming instructions.


Start by inviting key contributors to film on the mobile app, then open it up to an ever-growing community of creators.


Review and curate uploaded footage collaboratively from within the online studio.


Work with a professional editor, or use built-in post production software to try it yourself.

Examples of Seenit Impact in Action:

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We believe the power of collaborative storytelling can change the world. We'd love to schedule a time to talk about how Seenit Impact can help your organization.

We also host an occasional gathering of like-minded storytellers called “The Social Impact Supper Club”. Drop us a line if you’d like to join us in Washington, DC, London, or NYC - or if you’d like to start one where you are!