Remote Video Production

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Since 2018, our team has been using virtual studio technology and community-generated content to empower mission-driven organizations to collaboratively tell their stories.

In 2020, when the working world went fully remote, our team fully invested in expanding our virtual production tools and guiding organizations across the globe to create compelling, collaborative, and audience-driven content, all from the safety of their homes.

Our suite of remote production tools grants us flexibility to meet our partner’s needs wherever they are, while maintaining professional video production quality.

Our Remote Production Tools

We have developed lots of different methods to capture your content anywhere


Remote Production Kits

We ship custom, easy-to-use remote production kits complete with lighting, audio, HD cameras, and simple video tutorials. A 5:00 Films producer will guide your team in the set-up and full production process from end to end.

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Seenit Impact

We grant full access to Seenit Impact co-creation technology to crowdsource authentic and inclusive video from across your community and team, communicating one unified story through many voices.

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OpenReel’s Remote Video Creation™ technology allows us to remotely operate and direct the filming process from anywhere to ensure full production quality.

Webcast Antenna

Live & Hybrid Events

5:00 Films helps develop strategies and lead the production and execution of completely virtual and hybrid events, seminars, and conventions.


Remote Producing with Local Crews

Our team has directed local crews around the world remotely when travel has not been possible. By patching in to a camera's feed, our producers and partners can produce recorded interviews from anywhere around the globe.

Pro Zoom Recordings

5:00 Films has developed advanced techniques for maximizing the recording potential of Zoom for professional applications such as panel discussions, webinars, and conferences into branded and shareable content.

Examples of Remote Production in Action:

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We believe the power of collaborative storytelling can change the world. We'd love to schedule a time to talk about how Seenit Impact can help your organization.

We also host an occasional gathering of like-minded storytellers called “The Social Impact Supper Club”. Drop us a line if you’d like to join us in Washington, DC, London, or NYC - or if you’d like to start one where you are!