About 5:00 Films & Media

We are a full service creative agency
specializing in video production.

At 5:00 Films & Media, we understand first-hand the challenges you face. Getting your message out there—and to the right audience—is difficult, especially if you’re strapped for resources. Every media spend has to count. It has to drive action, align with your goals, and move your audience to act. That’s where we come in.

Video Camera

Scripted Video

From script-writing to editing, our team has years of experience creating documentaries, identity videos, advertisements, web series, explainers, and more.



Our team of talented artists are experts at animation, including: 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics, whiteboards, rotoscoping & character creation.

Smartphone with App

Community-Generated Video

Collaborate directly with your most dedicated audience members by linking their mobile phones to our virtual studio.

Webcast Antenna


We've produced webcasts and livestreams all over the world - from conferences and lectures to sports and competition coverage.


Event & Seminar Coverage

We have produced on-site recaps, live interviews, promotional ads, and IMAG services for some of the biggest international conventions.

Strategy & Distribution

It's important that a great video reaches your audience. At the beginning of each project, we create a marketing strategy to guarantee success.

Our Story

In his 20s, 5:00 Films & Media founder Esteban Escobar was a successful Chilean skimboard shop owner. Until, well, he wasn’t.

He did, however, learn to shoot and edit his own commercials before moving back to the U.S. Here, he combined his technical skills with a unique eye for outcome-based storytelling and commitment to social good, turning it all into 5:00 Films & Media.

Founded in 2004 as a boutique video production company, we have since grown into a full-service video marketing agency helping nonprofits, associations, and other mission-driven organizations connect with and engage supporters through the visual medium. We focus on outcome-based storytelling; we dive deep into what’s important to our clients and what’s interesting to their audiences.

We connect mission to audience. We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve forged with our clients through our dedication to their success.

With more than 700 projects under our belt, we understand first-hand the needs and challenges of you face: from multiple stakeholders with different goals, to limited time and resources, to high expectations. We get it, and we can work with you to find a solution.

We work in partnership with our clients to provide high quality video and audience solutions to mission-driven organizations. We understand the unique challenges that non-profit organizations face when communicating their message to their audience with limited resources, time, and budget. Our mission is to partner with organizations to provide a guiding hand to success.

Each member of our team is here because we want to use our skills to do good and make positive change. Our company mantra is the simple, central focus in everything that we do:

  • We do the right thing
  • We deliver the right solution
  • We focus on the relationship

Creative Team

The core 5:00 Films & Media team includes some of the most creative, talented professionals around. From strategic thinkers and video experts to do-gooders and nonprofit marketing and communication pros, each member of the team brings unique experiences and expertise to the table.

Esteban Escobar


Shilynn Escobar


Chad Schreiner

Creative Team

Tim Parsons

Head of Story, Brand Strategy & Partnerships

Josiah Renken

Creative Team

Kelly Pauline


Sam Shank

Creative Team